Everybody wants to know how to get good deals when buying cars. You and I most certainly do.

Unfortunately, in most cases it isn’t just a matter of walking into the dealership, pointing at the car you want and demanding a particular price. However, is that the only thing that constitutes a good deal to the most of us?

While looking for used cars for sale in Amarillo, Texas, we’ve discovered and listed a few different tactics you can use to get yourself a better deal when buying a car. We can’t guarantee that these will work all the time, but if you play your cards right you should still walk away with a better deal than you walked in with.


It isn’t just the drive away price

Sure, having a nice low drive away price is usually a pretty good deal. Don’t forget though that the dealerships on the other side are wanting to still earn some money. Those lenders have strict standards, and they rely on credit scores when picking their borrowers and calculating loan terms, visit this important site to learn more.

This is where you can look at negotiating other items into the deal. Could it be adding in some VIP tickets to the next match of the sporting team they sponsor, or even a full kit of their apparel?

Simply look at what they do outside of selling cars and try and add those elements into your deal to give you more than just a nice drive away price.

Don’t show your love for the car

There are lots of tactics sales people can use to get you to sign the dotted line. One of those is taking advantage of any type of positive affection towards the car. You can secretly love the car on the inside, but don’t be afraid to point out items you’re not in love with instead.

Why do this? If you love something, you’re more inclined to commit sooner or easier than a client who is interested but isn’t motivated right at the instant to seal the deal.

If the sales person feels that you’re close, but not 100% on the sale this is when some slightly more aggressive deals can present themselves.

Buy a demonstrator

Sometimes getting a good deal isn’t even buying a new car at all, it could be as simple as finding a demonstrator vehicle.

A demonstrator, is of course what it is. The demo all customers drive to experience the vehicle for themselves. Your chance to benefit it when the car reaches the point where the dealership doesn’t want to put more kilometres on the clock and want instead to sell it.

Usually you will find that demonstrators are better optioned, well looked after and with really low kilometres. The good deal comes, when the price is revealed. You can save a huge percentage off the drive away price and still have most, if not all benefits which come with buying a new car.


To wrap up, our last tip is to not be afraid of negotiating a price. Let them know where you’re at and why you’re coming in at that price. Ultimately it comes down to the individual sales person and the manager on that day, as well as, remember to request an insurance to protect your vehicle such us a young driver insurance, if you use these you might just be able to get a good deal when buying a car!


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