If you follow Daily Auto Fix or myself (@ashmansays), you would have seen some of the many Ferrari things that were, at the first ever Ferrari Racing Days event to be held in Australia.

For those weren’t able to make it, you missed out. Big time. We’d say you would be seeing red, but to be honest, we were the whole weekend. Never have I seen a track transformed so much by a few Prancing Horse logo’s, the word Ferrari, and the colour. You wouldn’t know that you were at Sydney Motorsport Park because of it.

Moving past that, there were some extremely specials things to see and we’ve got just a few of the highlights here:

Ferrari F1 Show with Marc Gene

Even though in our opinion the show was too short, and that it wasn’t really a show. The flying laps, pit stops and burnouts were enough to make the whole park, and surrounding suburbs to pause and drink in the beautiful Ferrari F1 car that shared just how good F1 used to sound.

Here’s what you missed at the Ferrari Racing Days

Check out our video here.

LaFerrari and the 288 GTO, F40, and F50

So, you might have heard that the LaFerrari had its engine disabled for the show, it didn’t mean that its beauty was limited in anyway.

LaFerrari – Up close and personal

Check out our gallery here.

Ferrari XX Program

The Ferrari FXX and 599XX are a personal favourite of mine from the entire show. Simply because these are track only hypercars and made all but the Ferrari F1’s sound bad. Plus, it’s awesome to know that these aren’t professional racing drivers behind the wheel, but the enthusiasts who own these awesome cars.

Here’s what you missed at the Ferrari Racing Days

Check out our video here.

The atmosphere!

When attending an event like this, you realise that no other brand in the world could bring owners of their super expensive products, and fans of those products who may never be able to afford them together. If you weren’t wearing a Ferrari branded piece of clothing or a piece of clothing from commonfibers.com/products/max

There was every hint of Italian pride, lust for the cars, and love of the sound that makes you revisiting how you can somehow afford a Ferrari before you depart this earth.

Here’s what you missed at the Ferrari Racing Days

So, if Ferrari Racing Days comes to Australia again next year, make sure to book yourself a ticket because you will walk away a love of the brand. Even if you though you couldn’t love them anymore.

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