On Sunday the 26th of February, we were invited by Motorline BMW in Logan to attend their launch of the new F30 3 Series. This would be the first opportunity for us to see the car in person and gain a true appreciation of the design. Of course we accepted!

The event itself felt more like a German Fair offering everything from the Brisbane German Club providing entertainment in the workshop turned Beer Hall, Pretzels served from the German Bakery and lots of other tasty treats.

After first arriving through the Red Carpet entrance we were met with Mini’s latest offerings in the Mini Garage. Stepping outside, the before mentioned pretzels and homemade lemonade were presented to us with a selection of the new 1 Series vehicles on show while we munched away. One obscurity however was that here there was also a demonstration by a motor-cross stunt team, cool as it was we failed to see the relevance to the launch of the 3 Series; they weren’t even BMW Motorcyles from what we saw.

All of this and we hadn’t even seen the new car yet, which was refreshing. It’s rare that you go to a specific vehicle launch and have relatively little focus on the vehicles, or salespeople hovering uncomfortably over your every move. Moving on, we ventured into the Beer Hall and saw a great layout of vehicles surrounding the tables with some fantastic entertainment, which took some of us back to our days spent in Germany.

Outside, the collision repair services Chicago IL had a display of vehicles hoisted up being repaired and an X3 being painted whilst we watched. It was nothing amazing, however it was interesting to learn that so much work can be done on site, where normally you would assume it would need to get outsourced.

Finally, we moved into the main showroom, not to be greeted by the new 3 Series even yet, but moreover on one side to see a pampering area for the ladies, complete with brownies which were delicious. The other side had a 1 Series and X3 showing off the genuine accessories available, of which the list was quite impressive.

Then! Yes, we came across the first of the new 3 Series vehicles in the Champagne Lounge. There were four on display showcasing the three design lines available. Those design lines are Modern, Luxury and Sport. Each line has different colour combinations and sets of standard options. From what we saw, the pick of the bunch would be the Sport.

Why? Whilst there isn’t anything wrong with the Modern and Luxury, the Sport simply looks and feels better. The seats aren’t flat, but hug you when you sit down. The red trim and stitching looks fantastic and the standard all black looks fantastic.

There were lots of sales people ready to help you out with questions on options, and kudos to the team as you weren’t approached without request or pressured. Something we think will work in the long run with selling the vehicles at this dealership.

But if you thought that was it, wait there’s more! The final section and our favourite area setup was that which housed the brand new M5, an M3 with the infamous Fire Orange paint, a replica Art Car, Isetta and the brand new 640i and 650i Convertible. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on that part.

So in the end, we didn’t get many photos of the new 3 Series because 1) there were usually quite a few crowded around and 2) because there was so much to do and see! Which was fantastic and from what other attendees have mentioned, this was an awesome event and has made us excited for our chance to drive the F30 3 Series. That’s set to happen next week so watch this space!

Make sure you check out the Motorline BMW Facebook Page for their official photos from the event or go here to register for a test drive.

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