It’s hard not to love a hybrid, particularly when it does 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds and achieves 2.5litres per 100km for fuel economy. The Audi Sport quattro Concept is what makes these numbers real, and here to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Sport Quattro.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

The concept, in its striking yellow paint, takes up ideas that were first seen in the Audi quattro concept study three years ago. Sitting on pumped up 21-inch wheel, its front and rear overhangs are short and in Audi’s words, the proportions are sportily balanced.

The Audi Sport quattro Concept is all about the driver and racing pureness. Apparently all of its design solutions are there to serve some type of function. Whether that is the flat C-pillars, or the homage rectangular double headlights or the giant front grille, which is similar to those found on current generation Audi race cars.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

Audi have made a few changes to the interior for the concept car, but doesn’t step away from the current Audi design language. Which is fine with us, the current Audi interiors are great.

The power? Well it is a plug-in hybrid drive which pushes power through all four wheels. The entire system output is a whopping 515kW and 800Nm of torque. So you’re lucky it has all four wheel at its disposal. Connected to the engine is a modified eight-speed tiptronic and assists in the car achieving a supposed 2.5 litres of fuel per 100km.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

So, it’s a hybrid which pumps out heaps of power. What is generating that power? It’s a 4litre twin-turbo V8, and supplies 412kW of the 515kW of power, and 700Nm of the torque. The electric motor then produces an additional 110kW and 400Nm of power.

If your maths is as good as we think ours is, you’ll notice the numbers don’t add up. Well, it doesn’t really explain that in the press release, but with different driving modes. We believe that it will use the electric motor as much as possible to increase fuel economy and to take advantage of all the power available. The fuel economy is also helped by the sheer amount of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer makes up the car including the engine hood, and roof. Keeping the weight down to 1,850kg’s.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

For those who care, the concept car is slated to throw itself from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds. Not bad. The top speed, which is relevant to our Autobahn driving friends is 305km/h.

Audi Sport quattro Concept

What are your thoughts on the Audi Sport quattro Concept? Twitter is a mixed bag, with some saying its ugly, and other love the design and its on paper performance.

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